DIY Decor Tips for Budget Spaces

Decorating your space can be truly exciting and fun to watch your home become a reflection of your personal style. Unfortunately, common decorating items and activities often require a substantial financial investment. Whether you just moved into your first home and are recouping your savings after a down payment, or you’re simply trying to stick to a tight budget, decorating doesn’t have to be off-limits.

Choose Greenery
Greenery is an ideal method to freshen up any space. While purchasing new and large indoor plants can be a hefty financial investment, there are ways that you can get beautiful indoor greenery for free or on the cheap. Ask a friend or family member if you can take some clippings of their propagating plants. This is a free way to get your own beautiful plants with just the investment of a little time and TLC. You may also be able to pay for clippings (or even get some for free that have fallen from plants) at local nurseries, just be sure you ask before you take anything.

Bring Nature Indoors
Greenery isn’t the only way to freshen your home; bring the outdoors in by incorporating nature-inspired decor. Collect branches, pinecones or rocks to create decorative pieces. When displayed in an inexpensive vase, dried pampas and other dried plants can add texture and visual interest. Fresh wild flowers always make for an eye-catching and inviting addition to any room. As an added bonus, foraging for inexpensive decor can prove to be a fun and relaxing project.

Eclectic Gallery Wall
Curating your own gallery wall doesn’t have to be the fancy and expensive project that it may have been in the past. Print some of your favorite photos and mix in some DIY art to create a truly personalized feel. display all of your favorites in thrifted frames to ensure an eclectic and artistic display.

Don’t Forget Thrift Stores
While a lot of thrift store Decor options may seem outdated, you can find some gems from time to time. Don’t forget about resale sites and online marketplaces, where community members may be offering art, decor or furniture for free or at a deal.  don’t overlook items that can be upcycled or repainted to give them a fresh and personalized look that will better fit your vision for your space.