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Thinking of buying a property soon? Whether it’s a single-family home, a condo, a first-time purchase or a life-changing event requiring a move, GROUPE COLAVECCHIO is your trusted ally for your project. It is always preferable to work with an experienced broker to obtain an objective opinion, to be guided but also to implement all the necessary strategies to acquire the property of your dreams.

While active all over the South Shore, GROUPE COLAVECCHIO does not hesitate to follow their clientele wherever the need arises; many satisfied customers do not hesitate to refer their to their friends and family. They therefore have the privilege of accompanying their new clients in other areas such as the North Shore, Montreal, the Laurentians, and the Eastern Townships; regions she has gotten to know very well over the years. Your trust is very important to their as she makes sure to tie up your real estate project in an exemplary manner from beginning to end.

The Advantages

Work with a trusted team

Each member of our team is always ready to share their expertise for the benefit of both their colleagues and their clients

Local expertise

Our brokers are well respected experts in their respective markets

Global reach

A network and global community whose reputation is well established and without reproach


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